Become Certified With Us!

Nature’s Sugar currently provides two training options: hand technique (includes flick card method) and sugar strip waxing. For more information see below.


Sugar Strip Waxing Course

Learn how to use Nature’s Sugar’s sugar strip waxing and gain all of the benefits of a sugar formulation but using a familiar strip waxing method. After your final evaluation, you will receive a printable certificate showing you’ve completed the sugar strip waxing training.


Body Sugaring Certification Course

Learn basic body sugaring using the traditional hand method for hair removal. The flick card method is included for those who want a little help as they embark on their sugaring journey. You can complete the course at your own pace – no expiration! After your final evaluation, you will receive a printable certificate certifying you in body sugaring hair removal.

Special Combo Offer

Special Combo Offer

Many of our customers have shared that they love using the hand sugaring technique for areas such as the bikini, underarms, and face but find larger areas more tedious. To accommodate your preference in your hair removal treatments, we’re offering both the body sugaring & sugar strip waxing courses plus one kit for the discounted cost of $285.


Brazilian Sugaring Advanced Course

Learn the art of Brazilian Sugaring! This course will guide you through techniques and skills tailored to the Brazilian region. If you're a professional esthetician looking to expand your repertoire, this course is perfect for you.

Get Certification & Kit for Only $199!

Easy certification! Go as fast as you want, or take as long as you need.

Training Kit

Your kit is included in the full enrollment cost and will give you everything you need to finish your course!

Unlimited Access

Once enrolled you have unlimited time to complete your course and lifetime access to the course even after becoming certified. 

Course Certificate

After your final video evaluation is approved you’ll be issued a certificate to show you’ve been trained. 

What’s Included in Our Courses

While each course has a difference in the hair removal method taught, you can expect the following with both training options.

Hair Removal Theory

Treatment Prep

Product Knowledge

Method Breakdown

Body Part Demos

Final Evaluation


Do I need to be a licensed beauty professional to purchase Nature’s Sugar products?

Yes. If you live in the US, depending on your state, you’ll need to upload either a waxing license, cosmetology license, or esthetic license.

For Canadian practitioners, you must upload your license, certification, or BIN (Business Identification Number).

For other countries, we require a professional license, certification, or qualified equivalent.

You have different courses available. What is the difference between them?

Our body sugaring certification course is designed to teach you the basics of how to sugar various body parts, allowing you to be certified as a body sugaring practitioner.

Our sugar strip waxing course teaches you how to use our Squeeze & Strip product using a strip waxing method.

Do you provide pre and post skin care products?

At Nature’s Sugar, we include everything you need for pre and post-treatments, including the basic pre-treatment products (cleanser, tonic, powder) and post-treatment products (lotion, calming mud, and calming cream).

Do you provide MSDS sheets for your products?

Yes, we have MSDS sheets available for every product we provide.

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