Try Me Bundle

Try Me Bundle

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Discover Your Perfect Sugaring Match with the Try Me Bundle!

Tired of searching for the right sugaring paste? Our Try Me Bundle is here to help! Get all three of our popular sugaring pastes in full-size jars at a discounted price – over 40% off the regular price!

Why Choose Our Try Me Bundle?

  • Find your perfect fit: Experiment with all three sugaring paste types to discover which formula best suits your sugaring needs and preferences.
  • Full-size jars, full value:  Test out each sugar paste formula with generous, full-size jars – perfect for multiple sugaring sessions.
  • Unbeatable price: This bundle offers a significant saving compared to buying each jar individually.

What’s Included?

  • Pro-Soft Sugaring Paste: Experience the ultimate in gentle hair removal with our softest consistency.
  • All-Purpose Sugaring Paste: The most versatile option, suitable for most hair types and experience levels.
  • Firm Sugaring Paste:  Formulated for challenging environments and coarse hair.
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to try all our sugaring pastes at a fraction of the cost!
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