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Watch a Video Tutorial on How to Use Nature’s Sugar Wax

Watch the tutorial below to find out how easy it is to use Nature’s Sugar Wax!

See How to Use Nature’s Sugar Wax

We’ve also put together a few images to show how easy it is to use Nature’s Sugar Wax!

Step 1

Remove the lid and warm the 35oz Nature’s Sugar Wax jar in the microwave to a soft and pliable consistency. Microwave for 45 seconds. If it is still not pliable enough to work with, microwave again in 5-10 second intervals and check the sugar paste in between each interval to avoid making it too soft and/or too hot. Less time will be needed as the level of sugar in the container goes down.

Step 2

Now that the sugar paste is soft and pliable, gently scoop out some of Nature’s Sugar Wax only using the tips of your four fingers. Try to keep it in a ball on the tips of the fingers.
TIP: If the sugar paste is too firm, it will not stick to the skin, and if it’s runny, it won’t come off.

Step 3

Nitrile gloves are recommended but not mandatory.
Using the tips of your fingers, spread Nature’s Sugar Wax over the section of skin where you wish to remove hair. Press into the skin as you spread against the direction of hair growth. Repeat these 2 or 3 times before you remove it. Using medium pressure with fingers while spreading the sugar paste will help to better grip the hair.

Step 4

When you are ready to remove the sugar paste from the skin, hold the skin taut with the other hand before pulling. Using light pressure, flick the sugar paste quickly with your fingertips, and keep parallel to the skin. You can repeat this step several times over the same area of the skin using the same sugar ball to get all the hair off. It is normal to see skin redness post sugaring.
TIP: When you flick parallel to the skin, hair is easily extracted in its natural growth direction and you will avoid hair breakage that may lead to ingrown hairs. It also makes it less painful.

Special Notes

You may need a few trials to get sugaring right. Sugar Paste temperature is everything. Normally, the paste flicks right off, but if it is too soft or too warm, it can get “gooey” or “melty” and it will just stick to your skin.
Once the paste gets to this point, you can’t use it anymore. Use a damp cloth and simply wipe the sugar paste off the skin. Dry off your skin and then scoop a new ball of sugar paste out of the jar and repeat the process.
If the sugar paste is too firm, it might not remove all the hair, so remember to keep sugar paste pliable to make it easy and effective to work with.


Don’t be afraid of the sugar paste and take your time. The sugar paste is 100% natural and can be washed off with water. It doesn’t stain or damage any surface or fabric. One ball of sugar paste goes a long way so you can do multiple trials and errors before you get it right. Remember everyone’s hair is different.

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